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Corsa Pro Coffee Hits the Road at Sea Otter Classic

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee isn’t the only thing permeating the air around Corsa Pro Coffee these days. The scent of adventure is brewing as well.

Last month, Corsa Pro packed up their Rocket Espresso machine and hit the road on a road trip adventure from Los Angeles to Monterey, California to attend the renowned Sea Otter Classic cycling event. As official coffee partners of the Continental Tires booth, Corsa Pro served up hundreds of their signature hot espresso shots and iced espresso tonics to thirsty attendees over the four-day event.

The Sea Otter Classic is one of the largest cycling festivals in the world, bringing together premier cycling brands, professional athletes, and cycling enthusiasts from around the globe. Corsa Pro was proud to represent LA’s bustling coffee scene among famous cycling brands like Giant Bicycles, KASK Helmets, Atherton Bikes, SRAM, and 100% Eyewear.

“It was incredible to bring our coffee directly to all the cycling fans at Sea Otter,’ said Corsa Pro owner Jaime De La Cruz. “Cycling and coffee have always had a close relationship, so it was a perfect fit. We were thrilled to work with Continental Tires to energize their booth and fuel all the cycling enthusiasts at the event.”

Serving their signature espresso drinks and the crowd-favorite iced espresso tonic, made with orange-vanilla sparkling water, Corsa Pro showed that their coffee plays as well on the road as it does in the cafes they support. After four days of new connections, fresh air, and plenty of coffee, the Corsa Pro crew returned home, tired but inspired, and ready to bring the spirit of adventure to their next event.

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