Phils Cookie Fondo

Phil’s Cookie Fondo Recap: A Dozen of our Favorite Moment

If you were to create a dream gran fondo from scratch, you’d have a hard time doing better than what Phil Gaimon has created with Phil’s Cookie Fondo.  With half a dozen ride options ranging from a casual, family-friendly 20 mile Mini-Chip to a hope-you packed-a-spare-set-of-legs 103 mile Double Fudge, …

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The Impact of Buying Locally Roasted Coffee in LA

Thanks to modern technology and access to international shipping, we live in an age where we can buy almost anything from anywhere. It can also seem more convenient and cost less when products are sourced from abroad.  With that in mind, you might be tempted to order your coffee from …

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The 3 Surprising Benefits of Coffee For Cyclists

Coffee is the signature drink of cyclists everywhere. Americans already drink a lot of coffee on average, but cyclists are even more so known for their love of caffeine. While there has been much debate over the benefits and risks of caffeine in our regular diets, what cyclist is willing …

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