About Us

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Corsa Pro was created out of our passion for cycling, travel, and specialty coffee.

Inspired by the history of Italian cyclery, the word “corsa” was chosen to represent the different reasons we ride–for sport, connecting with friends, or for a personal journey of self-discovery. With over 20 years of experience in the cycling industry, our founder Jaime De La Cruz knows that any  journey worth taking starts with a great cup of coffee. 

Our coffee is ethically sourced from farms in Central and South America and roasted here in Los Angeles. From our Italian forward espresso roast to our bright and balanced medium roasts, our mission is to offer every cyclist the highest quality coffee products the world has to offer.

Our coffee is soursed sustainably and ethically by Fincas Mierisch in Nicaragua & Honduras

We are proud to partner with Fincas Mierisch to source our coffee beans. Their farms are sustainably operated to protect the land and habitat of the communities they farm in. In addition, over 70% of their workforce are women from farming to upper management who are paid a fair wage. Fincas Mierisch further supports families who work on our farms by providing free childcare and access to education. 

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