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I really enjoy the smooth sweet robust flavors from Corsa Pro’s Mulholland Dark Roast  The aroma and taste  is amazing along with the bright rich creamy colors during the brewing process.
It is a great way to start the day and hit the hills for some climbing.

Mark Flaherty

I love this coffee! The beans have a shiny, oily coat that (at least I think) plays a part in the richness.  Not acidic, not biting or jittery-making.  The bag of beans lasts me longer than a bag of peets and there’s something about drinking Mulholland roast and buying from a fellow cyclist that pumps me up before a ride - especially when I’ll be spending most of my ride on Mulholland...even though I drink it every morning, ride or no ride.


If you get up and go I highly recommend you brew yourself up a delicious cup of one of the finest coffees I have ever tried mellow yet bold and I promise It will not disappoint. 

Light House .Co

This has become my favorite coffee in the spirit of cycling with a chocolatey flavor that completes my rides and makes my weekends more satisfying.

Byron Smith

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