The Impact of Buying Locally Roasted Coffee in LA

Thanks to modern technology and access to international shipping, we live in an age where we can buy almost anything from anywhere. It can also seem more convenient and cost less when products are sourced from abroad. 

With that in mind, you might be tempted to order your coffee from a large eCommerce store with free shipping (you know the one), pick up a bag on your way out of a famous coffee chain (I’m sure you can name a few), or just pick up whatever is on sale at the grocery store that week. 

At face value, it’s convenient and affordable, but dig a little deeper, and you’ll see there’s a better option: buying local!

The Impact of Buying Locally Roasted Coffee

Coffee is more than just a price tag and a bag of beans. It’s a journey. 

From the moment that coffee bean is harvested to your first sip in the morning, it matters where and how your coffee is sourced. Buying locally roasted coffee is worth the time and investment. 

The coffee you drink makes a difference; here’s how:

The Impact on Your Community

When you buy locally, you’re giving back to your very own Los Angeles community. You’re putting your hard-earned money into LA businesses that will then spend on other local businesses. 

Every cent you spend locally boosts your local economy and keeps your friends, family, and neighbors in business. It results in more resources for community projects such as parks, roads, and schools. 

Additionally, buying locally roasted coffee from Corsa Pro gives you a sense of community with fellow cyclists. You have a chance to come together with other athletes to share and learn from each other’s experiences and travels. 

The Impact on Coffee Farmers Internationally

Purchasing ethically sourced and fair trade coffee beans is of the utmost importance. The hardworking men and women who plant, care for and harvest these beans must be fairly compensated and have safe work conditions. 

When you purchase locally roasted coffee, you ensure that you’re supporting coffee bean farms that prioritize the health and happiness of their employees. 

We purchase all of our coffees from fairly traded and ethically sourced farmers in Central and South America to help support their local communities. 

The Impact on Your Overall Satisfaction

Our LA craft coffee is roasted in small batches to ensure the highest quality product. 

On the other hand, many big coffee roasters shoot for mass production resulting in poor quality coffee that often tastes bitter, burnt, and is hard on the stomach. 

Corsa Pro Coffee is carefully crafted in Los Angeles to give you that full-bodied, smooth taste with various subtle flavors that will keep you coming back for more. 

Make an Impact! Buy Local Coffee

With every sip of Corsa Pro Coffee, you can feel good that you’re supporting your local community and farming communities in Central and South America and drawing closer to your fellow cyclists. The best part is we’ve got a wide array of beans perfect for any occasion on or off the trail. 

Locally Roasted Coffee as Diverse and Exciting as Your Favorite Cycling Terrain

We have the best coffee in Los Angeles to energize you for your next ride. Whether you’re taking on steep canyons or coasting through the city streets, you can be sure that Corsa Pro Coffee has all your coffee needs covered before, during, and after every ride.

Learn more about Corsa Pro and how we’re redefining how cyclists enjoy their cup of joe!

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