Phil’s Cookie Fondo 2022

Corsa Pro is a Proud Sponsor of Phil’s Cookie Fondo 2022! 


In Phil Gaimon’s years as a pro cyclist, when he mentioned that he lived in Los Angeles, people would ask how he could train in a town known only for traffic and movie stars, but pro teams have held training camps in Malibu for years, and thanks for Phil’s Fondo, the rest of the cycling world is starting to know why.

Phil’s Fondo is his chance to show off the great climbs, ocean air, and perfect weather, to help Los Angeles get the reputation it deserves as a world-class cycling destination. Phil designs the courses himself, collects rider gifts from his favorite sponsors, invites his pro friends, and thanks to our fundraising partners, Chef’s Cycle and No Kid Hungry, we’ll have celebrity chefs providing post-ride meals both Saturday & Sunday, with gourmet cookies all weekend, for an LA food experience that would be worth the price of registration by itself.

Last year you helped raise over $100,000 for No Kid Hungry, and we’re hoping to do another $100,000 this year, which translates to 1 million meals. Come be a part of something fun, healthy, and impactful!

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